Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gimme money.

Nikki Diaz, "Nikkies laugh and Nikkies cry" just like regular human beings. Yeah, and they have no loyalty toward their former country nor for their stolen country.  No sense of legal behavior. No loyalty to an employer who paid her well, no sense of honor.  Only a gimme attitude.

As long as she was getting what whe wanted and living here illegally with no one questioning it, she was happy with her wages. 

Along comes reality.  Now her illegality is exposed. 

Along come dishonest unions - hah, she has found someone as slimily dishonest as herself!  Throw the generous employer under the bus and gimme, gimme some free and easy money!

I wonder if her big, phony Nikki tears are flowing now - reportedly she got less than $6000 for her melodramatic act.  No doubt she was expecting enough to live the rest of her life without lifting a finger.  Big tears time.  But, hey, maybe she can put a gimme squeeze on Jerry Brown. 

Go for it Nikki.  You are way past a regular human being by now, anyway.  You've proven you are a sorry human being, a gimme.

Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA, Groping Toward Sexual Assault

TSA policies are making news lately.  On one side of the issue are those who want to feel safe whatever the cost to personal privacy; on the other are those who believe the government's hand deep in our pocket is enough and are saying no to putting their hands in our underwear.

I know I won't fly if I have to endure sexual abuse to be allowed on the plane.  And, yes, it does meet the criteria for sexual abuse.  Persons in authority without permission touching not just your person but your private areas and the victims feeling forced to submit to this behavior.  If it wasn't the government performing this disgraceful groping, it would be a prosecutable offense.

One thing I find interesting is that the Big Napo Capo "is considering" the objections of the Muslims (but not the objections of regular US citizens).  Amazing that the very people who should be watched more carefully get consideration.  When did the US citizen become the enemy in the US?  What the heck is wrong with the people running this show?

Another interesting detail is that they want to grope the pilots, as well.  What the heck?  If the pilots want to commit mayhem, they are steering a mega-ton weapon charged with aviation fuel.  Why would they carry any other?

And I also found interesting the photo of a TSA guy groping a male passenger (the one that has been aired often in the past two or three days) - does it seem to you that the groper is just enjoying it too much - looks like a smile on his face to me.  If I were that victim, I'd be likely to kick him in the teeth.

And the "enhanced" TSA techniques are't failsafe.  They do not detect whatever may be carried in body cavities -- so penetration is next.  Won't that be jolly?  A finger digging around and then you must sit on that sore area for your flight.  I can hear it now, "Well, if I feel safer and they use clean gloves, a little soreness is worth it."  Will they use KY jelly to "enhance" the experience?

I remember when the government in the role of Big Brother watching us was considered an imposition.  Now the government is playing the role of Great Fornicator - and although they've been doing that to us for a while, they are now "enhancing" it with actual touching - and actual penetration looms in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Big Napo Capo makes no effort to curtail the "penetration" of our southern border.  She still seems to feel a terrorist attack coming across that border is much preferable to an attack flying in over any border.  If she dies from a bomb that was carried through Mexico, will she be less dead than if she dies from a bomb flown in to the US?

Truly, it's not about security, it's all about submission to the government.  Where do you draw the line?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Un-award in Fairy Tale Land

The New York Times (yes, even the left leaning Times!)  called the Chev Volt  “GM's electric lemon.”  It's that bad!

If you are not familiar with it, the Volt is Obama's little electric car experiment.  Only I fear it will not remain an experiment, but will be shoved down our throats like the Obama Unhealth Care bill. 

No transport, no health care, here we come third world - and get out of the way! We are barrelling down that road faster than a Volt's top speed.  In case of an accident, don't call your health care provider - you won't be covered unless you are in this country illegally.

Anyway, this little "car" has been named Motor Trend's Car of the Year. Now there's an award as meaningful as the Nobel Prize awarded for no accomplishment.  Or the Most Powerful Woman in the World Award awarded for no accomplishment. Spot a trend here?  Awards are handed out as easily as welfare in this entitlement age.  Nanny prizes in a Nanny state. Yah! 

But maybe the prize was in anticipation of job creation. Now, I expect the Volt will do for jobs as the Obama stimulus did for jobs.  Up in this north country, we need vehicles that will get us to work through drifts of snow and 40 below weather.  The volt, a tiny electric car will do that?  I think not.  So after not getting to work for a few days, your job will go where the millions of stimulus jobs went - one more job "created or saved" in the Obama world of fairy tales and tall tales.

Oh, and when you are stalled and freeze to death in the 40 below weather, why the Volt will get another prize -- for saving money under the Unhealth Care Law - you know, go directly home, bypass the death counseling, life lost but money saved.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Krugman's New Take on Death Panels

Paul Krugman has steadfastedly opposed Sarah Palin's "death panel" statements, calling her a liar and mocking her for suggesting the Obama Care bill sets up what are essentially death panel committees to determine if a patient is worth the treatment he or she needs.

But that was before the bill was passed.  Now that it has been passed, Krugman apparently has "learned what is in it," as Pelosi said we would.  Now that it has been passed, Krugman seems to think it is okay to reveal the truth even if the truth verifies Sarah's assessment.

Krugman, who denied the death panel provision with vigor several times before the passage of the bill, now says death panels and a VAT tax are the only way to deal with the runaway spending of this administration.  He made no mention of reducing the spending as a more intelligent and humane method of dealing with the issue.

What does that mean?  If you aren't healthy enough to earn tons of money to spend on VAT-tax inflated prices of necessities, you will be encouraged to die without your needed medical treatment?  Yep.  Obama Care doesn't want to provide health insurance for the elderly or infirm (unless perhaps you are also an illegal resident of this country).

Now they are not only eager to spend other people's money, but also want to spend other people's lives?

Toto, we aren't in America anymore - in America we respect life.

OofDah!  Goodby Gandma, goodbye Gramps, you aren't worth medical treatment.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Murkowski and Alaska

Murkowski seems mighty sure of Alaska.  She's counting on all the votes for "write in" to be for her, as if none of those votes could be for any of the other over one hundred write-in candidates.  She may be right, but it seems a flagrant disregard for all the other write ins.  At the least, she could have suggested that the write ins should be counted before a win be counted.  But that would require a little humility.

But those votes will have to be verified, and Alaska may be, just may be, lucky enough that the win will go to Joe Miller, after all. 

It would be good.  We've had about all the arrogance in DC that we can take.

Weird, Weird California

Minnesota has again proved that it is one of the most weird states in the Union.  But it has not yet reached the level of California.

I mean, really, Jerry Brown?  Hey, Californians, wasn't he an ineffective governor way back when?  Isn't this rather like watching a movie over and over hoping the ending will get better?

And judging by his victory speech, he's not getting better with age. He now also has either lost his marbles or has drug-fried his brain.  Either way, he's more than odd, he's freaky. Weird, weird, weird.

California is going down the drain financially, and Californians hire Jerry Brown to lead them in that direction?  They had another choice - Meg Whitman, a proven effective business woman.  It's just possible she could have led them up and out of the mess they are in. 

And they choose MerryJerry?

But California is weird, it's a gimme state that will be lining up at the federal pig trough for a bail out - because with the people they elected, it will be their only means of survival.  They seem to think it will be that easy.

But they may not find it that easy.  The new Congress may not be inclined to toss money at every problem as the old Congress has been doing.  The new people seem very hot to change that method of doing business.

OofDah!  Maybe California will have to make a real effort on their own to cut spending and balance their budget.  Some may have to give up the dole, go to work, and support themselves.

At least, they didn't legalize the dooby that apparently is anesthetizing their brains.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Campaign is Over

I expect all of us will awake tomorrow and breathe a sigh of relief.  The incessant campaigning is over!

But think of this.  Those campaigns have been pumping millions into the US economy.  Tomorrow that, too, will be over.  Sobering thought, isn't it?

But never fear.  Our president is taking a trip projected to cost a couple hundred million per day.  Oh, yeah, that's right - he'll be spending that in India.

But cheer up.  The 2012 campaigns will begin soon - maybe tomorrow!